Sobe's Cruise

I’ve always placed myself as one in search of solutions and not dwelling on a problem until my last year in college. I was working on my project ‘Drilling Optimisation’, and I was faced with a scope of analysis that I felt within me was beyond excel. This skill was supposed to give me an advantage. This left a yearning to learn something else.

After obtaining my B. Eng. in Petroleum Engineering. I started learning to code. I joined some learning groups and attended boot camps. This I did alongside my day job, rendering engineering support as Document Controller and subsequently an HSE Officer.

After a few years, I decided I needed to get into a more defined role to enable me to practice what I’ve learned and add value to the business. I got the Data Science Fellowship at a business consulting and educational company. Before the training finished, I got a data entry role with a start-up orchestrating all their data decisions and support.

Following the company's growth, I assumed a Product Officer role managing the development process of the company’s products. I decided to pursue an MSc in Information Technology with Business Intelligence which I completed with distinction.

I have experience interpreting stories in data and helping businesses foster data-driven decisions and solutions. I have worked on projects involving synchronising data sources and building visualisations for business requirements using Google sheets, Excel, SQL Server Integration and SQL Server Analytic service. I have project experience building machine learning models using python on well performance prediction and monitoring in oilfields, customer cohort matching based on historical health attributes in health insurance, loan delinquency and product recommendation in financial services, and evaluation of patient experience in healthcare.

In search of direction, I have travelled through various domains and have acquired relevant skills that keep evolving with the trend. I also know that my experience across various domains will come in handy as not one industry alone can stand. That is, I have made myself adaptable to the industries, skills, and technology.